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we had our first swinging experience a few weeks ago with a friend. We took hours with him. they both enjoyed. before you start. I curdle and this is my partner.. Joya has ginger hair long. I think she is beautiful.. on the road to a tubetrooper nightclub at night. and wearing a shirt, pants and shoes. Jewel on the other side wearing a tubetrooper blouse with no bra, with a short tubetrooper mini skirt 'without underwear' with the knee boot is I like to see jewel dress like this, because the care tubetrooper you receive that I am not a jealous person I am very over an older brother of the gem. in other words, each time she is beautiful horny sexy. for arrived at the club and asked for a drink at our surprise. people were less than us. Use talking about dresses! Jewel began to receive much attention from other men and women to top unbuckled showed him her breasts for a bit, I broke a little more. still find ourselves with two women, Lucy and Dani. but speak very surprisingough the two girls, Lucy and Dani are in the form of a money Oh. I thought they were lesbians. but they were not. , much less say they like sex with other people. had decided to take a few more drinks and all, back to the house tubetrooper of Dani. we was looking for gems dani chest, she said, like you I would kiss her beautiful breast. jewel just smiled and then said it was. I like! a lot. Joya believes so, please! wanted this to happen again. is a stranger to touch her in places that only allowed, it has to play. once again the way to the car, he offered me a lift instead of a taxi. soon we were in the house, and I could see Lucy and Dani fumbled tits gems and kissing in the back of the car in the mirror was her coronation at the moment to the door of the house. only took off their boots and skirt. , where we had a drink and sat on the couch. He told me to sit in a chair and lucy dani Sat both sides of the CAC. slow play andKiss tubetrooper on the neck, breasts. Now it was time to take off the rest of the clothing for women stripped naked jewel. I love watching jewel of walking around the house naked or in underwear right, she's so hot ', I thought. ' Then the other women.. deprived of their clothes had slipped only moaned, as there was in my penis harder than ever before through three beautiful women naked in front of me. I started through my pants to touch. loved this gem attention to two women at once, since it has never explored other women, except for a kiss n here. lucy jewel set and spread her legs to show beautiful jewelry glossy lips while sucking on Dani continues to grope her breasts and nipples tune. dani now I said 'hey' to go out and jerk off for all to see. My God, let my pants and underwear and then sat down again and began to masturbate himself quietly slide my hand up and down the shaft of my cock solid. that everyone could see. hear tubetrooper -ed Someone arrrh the mother is better, ' was Lucy, her legs spread licking the precious stones and gems that they now had fingers. gem should have a thread of semen out of her wet cunt started two fingers cos lucy regards a good girl.. her tits dani breasts up to them as if they wanted out of fashion. by use of his back arched in the air when placed between the legs of lucy third finger on it. was nice, but not a shock cos hoped that the third finger. today is a jewel that would end. I could see the tubetrooper movements of his body as he moved up to face lucys pussy. Now on the other side of justice that their breasts were too little and sucked tubetrooper hard. What else had been reserved for them.. Lucy like a dog licking clit sucking biting hot stones and pumps her little pussy as hard as I sloppying clay and stones to cry it hurts to hear but do not DONT sTOP! stop! you dare not stop, what do you do to me. even a woman really knows how a woman is not. ' and they, what they want. was tubetrooper masturbating more difficult to enjoy the show. Lucy knew what I tubetrooper ask my jewelry pieces. Joya was panting and crying like lucy fingers her tight cunt. In N Out, which was faster n faster. one of the women said that what's wrong, I do not see who said it. Joya said not so good. As he spoke, a large amount of semen deep n thought it wasent stopping time. I'll never see a girl cum so much. after a while they moved. Dani was licking her legs and pussy masturbate between the gems and jewelry from Gemma mouth before tubetrooper Lucy was straddling his legs apart, 'just above the mouth of Gemma. ' I heard them say that you are not involved as you bite otherwise. I want to see me run. it is now tubetrooper expected according slowley got his first lick a womans clitoris. lucy said that open and lick its tubetrooper entirety! . I see by use of the fingers on the lips of these horny sluts pussy apart. lucy Leander continue to keep one side of the couch. this time gemma dani legs apart and had put his whole hand insideWant jewel and has been a bad girl during the call that no longer pumps ? Dirty bitch !. fuck my fist hard tubetrooper grind. Well, I just tell semen cos Dani 's mouth, she said. Meanwhile, she licked her pussy cum on face gems to make long strokes with your tongue back n forward and down. Lucys licking clit jewel to moan and groan and moan lick the hard drive i go! He exclaimed, so that the gemstone.. oh god in Cumming, said Lucy. This is were all the jewels in the mouth and throat. what a beautiful sight. tubetrooper I wanted to come to, but when I got up, the woman ( Dani ) tubetrooper between the legs of the stones told me to sit down and do what I said. well with a timid voice, he answered again. lucy now about gemstones and mouth cum had soaked my girl. their juices ran her breasts had sucked the juices Stickey n n licked fingers according to the first woman. 'She smiled a satisfied look on his face to say it was good I want more. Now that your hot liquid goo lucy shooting ordifferent jewel was happy and went on my way to my head. said out loud now that I cum. I will make your friends to 'cock ' suck. Gemma looked up and smiled, tubetrooper then do what you want with it I do not care. well, who am I to complain. kissed my mouth and grabbed my manhood and went into his mouth before I was difficult. sucked, licked for a while, until I was rock hard again, I was about to cum, but I thought it was in.. Before I knew it was to put one leg over the left side of me, the other in his right hand and swallowed my cock into her pussy and began to walk. above and below it (it was God that felt good was so moist and tender on the inside), after they had seen my partner that I could not resist, I said what the hell I Thurs more difficult. she jumped up and down on my cock. I saw Jewel, since the mouth for me (to enjoy huni tubetrooper ), so I put my hands on her hips and helped her force of their own with each thrust, 'Boy I did. ' jewel are said to go aheadon all fours on the side of her bed. suddley the doorbell rang. dani, which was set with precious stones, stood up and said NO up to my tail lucy. I am the door. of them went for them arrived with her two boyfriends. tubetrooper Peter and Joe joe s said to her two girls were very busy tonight. Lucy 's friend, who was fucking me she stopped to kiss him then carryied to enjoy my cock. I could not help, but I shot my load in the side view of her wet pussy. she kissed me n left. All our juices dripping from her love as she moved. I could see were his legs. looked very good tubetrooper dani mate tubetrooper was on his way to me then kissed his partner said s, I think it is their turn with him. said he saw the jewel and stay on all fours and began to pussy and ass from behind. put a finger lick his ass n two fingers in the pussy, she screamed, like this. I thought it was great, she was seen with tubetrooper another man again.. He spat on the gemstone tubetrooper ass again while pushing other purposeger in its hole. lucy I was caught sucking cock joes new gems fool spit on again tubetrooper with another finger in the hole. lucy grabbed me was sucking the penis of Joe, as he lay on the couch at the other end. Dani sat down beside me and started, I began to pull back, kissed me deeply with her tongue. Jewel looked at again and then the other couple, who seem to enjoy his confidence, was now half hard again this woman sucked my cock like never before fine, but it tubetrooper is a fudge, but nice anyway. ot relaxed and closed his eyes and thought about it at my place of jewelry. lucy now, sucking cock joe launched his ars on all fours. Peter was his cock had to offer in the hand to the mouth of precious stones. He was leaning over the couch to touch ars still stands. Jewel- T Do not complain. at all. Now this bitch with a mouth stuffed sloppy sucking cock and then he gave me up and took my cock from her pussy, as it washis cock for the first time at night. she sat right on them very quickly damage the skin as much as she headed back while almost. i fast cum again. n took my balls pulled hard I like it, rotten, when a woman fucks me cos I do. as they walked to the back and then forward again to fuck me ! She was so wet I could not believe how quiet sounds were sloppy n Cumming with tubetrooper my cock. took all my cock so deep with each pump, rose No matter how hard. jewel Peters had cock nice and wet, so prepared it. that the devil was taken after his finger pushed the bottom of your ars and the other deep into her pussy as she pushed his hand into her wet pussy rocked back to make it even harder by chance. continued to return to complete their ars. is tubetrooper the pussy nice and open, which was down some love juice on his legs. Without warning, his cock was Thurstan gemstone so strong I thought I was crying, but just jump and loudley. but just slid deep into her pussy in front of her mouth and pumps his cock pushed buckeruing pumped tubetrooper in and out of the gemstone more he enjoyed riding his cock for all it was worth a horse. this man had at least 9 ' inches, she arched her back and sat on her elbows and said, called him, fuck me hard, he said. again, I fucked now. lucy and joe left alone for a minute and said : gem like that, like his big cock manley ! please whisperd. jewel opened his mouth and said that it is difficult to absorb everything. lucy said pleasantly fill all said and deep. yes, again, he said, to do as fast as you may need to get between wheezing. according pushed against him every time he pushed forward, pushed her. he looked at her she needs could not help but gasp, as the friction of his cock pumping in and out of his hole with a burning sensation around the lips, 'he began to cum, ' with a loud 'Oh my God' on the run !. Lucy came to me and said, YourThe woman puts a big way, ended up in the mornig. and who said that Joe said he had not used a go at her! is sore. Joya began to say I do not care that everyone can catch me again after you have finished your so goooooood. dani had cum for the first time in the night throughout my cock n balls, smelling sexy juices. It was a very Natrel fuck my cock was bigger than her pussy. dani then pushed me on my back and my face began to mount her clitoris put in the mouth could not stop them. called me a bitch. cried suck that pussy clit eat my dirty child, that's good I get. I could, and asked me to suck her clit I thought, so I was trapped. Much suck suck hard n then I felt my cock got fucked over again Joe now lucy suck cock jewel gladley without remorse. like Peter, had his cock in the pussy I had an inflammation of the clitoris, which was very sensitive. a kitten that was so wet, so wetcompetes with cock filled. That was his dream to have people and look at me, but I could not see. as he wished to see her alone with two kids. because they know that the time is satisfied. It makes me on the other side of the room that had two wives fucking and sucking me, what more could a man. Well, I have this pussy in my face, I love to tubetrooper suck clit much. tongue fuck what all these women happy. me the shape of the tip of her clitoris increasingly excited, she said doit bastard. I heard Peter Cumming start cos his breathing grew louder as he gasped. Now Peter had my cum I was glad that gemma vented his sticky cum deep into his hole. Now it was time joes his manhood slid into her talk, because although abundant throughout her breasts pinching the nipples moves very quickly around stones ars n. He pumped and pumped very quickly ( I could hear moans arh arh arh arh as ! ) now i was sore that morning. Dani had cum in my tubetrooper mouth and began to believe I was drinking every drugp finished slides my face rubbed her clitoris all the way to the chin, then the neck, as the last of all in my chest. lucy I run into her again was at his mercy. When I could see once more, according to Joe had turned his back and he was fucking her from the front I could see she had moved her tits. The legs wrapped around his legs with his hands in his arms, and raising their ars was doomed to meet the thrust of his cock as tubetrooper I call it good. The two girls, Lucy and Dani went and tubetrooper started, jewelry chests. So aspire to play with tubetrooper her clitoris. Handmade gemstones, fingers pussy dani lucys other hand also is the same as her pussy too. I had just had this for about 40 minutes, finger and fuck like they kiss in the series after gems, mouth, breasts. Cuello. I wanted to finish again as Peter was hard to see through all this and offerd his tail in his mouth, sucked on gemstones, as he pumped his manhood into her mouth like a pacifier. I could not stop my car with all this fun, so I approached them. ot kiss lucy then held his head, saw that it needed the stimulus, it was hard and slid her mouth over my cock hard. , so I stroked her hair and jewelry lucys and saw that my partner really fucked very nicley. Lucy then asked if I could finish tubetrooper it again so I said yes. licked the tip of the tail and I cum in the mouth of my cock throb as he sucked my juices pumping love all tubetrooper the way to the top, as it did hurt, but it felt good to them Swallen every drop of my hand . jewel was running and growning arh, ARH, ARH, tubetrooper ARH, oh, oh, ho, yes, yes, yes, 'make me cum thought, ' I like to see see, my friend, a. good hard fucking to cool your watching someone else do it 'cum ' I love this bitch over with her sexy see my . joe, having kissed her clit cum n shook Wall said he is sensitive at this time. Joe worked his way up to her breasts, he took a nipple in his mouth and shouted little interest in it. saidmust be cured, we know that Peter pushed his cock back into her mouth and pumped until cum. he had to spit went and put his hand over his mouth and said you do not miss the other girls swallowing is a loss, he said cos gagged. she gave him a lot, but they have it down. asked the two girls, precious stones, to get on all fours again. Now we have seen a belt of Dani in ' bulk in' to the heirs and went to the press that gemstones pussy from behind while Lucy was in front of it.. Legs spread.. I said I know this is your first afternoon with the women, but you must learn clitoris correctly. now tubetrooper go suck 'Lucy held her lips apart. ' Edelstein said could be a nice and a good licking. When he began to get to lick Lucy thanked him. The n his tongue slid in and out of his hole, he fucks her tongue. I saw Lucy burst back and closed his eyes kept shaking and shaking like precious stones flickering tongue her clit, every fourth beat. joe n the two boys saw Peter with joy, 3 women sucking n see fucking. Dani was deeper, jewel cos always wet the dildo was a time that made my pearl aaaarrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh go. then met with a sigh of relief you are too. as she began pumping cum dani heavy again after that cum put up went straight in ars Gemma never alowed my 'girls' do. that there is no word that can only be done dani said. dani said wasent ars was a hole virgin. Joya Replid yes, it was but not now. tubetrooper tubetrooper I could not believe my ears. So I said, now that's part of sex. Jewel looked up and smiled directly at me. Dani has to gem about an hour of grinding his ars before fucking arrested. lucys cum back was a gem of his tongue to flick her clitoris king and inserted a finger and a second faster then a third. lucy use to mourn with joy sexy bitch, use more !. Sun jewel set fourth then the thumb. Lucy seemed so easy to fall into.. Joya was this woman fisting harder and harder. began, what looked as the morning, but it was his Cumming has gone quite according to the face, neck, shoulders, n hair. cos according to an orgasm of her ars dildos. By saying this is what cum. yours is so good better than a cock in my pussy. She declined to say fuck me please fuck me curdle in my pussy, if you feel my hands wana fuck your cock. i did not take and put them under my dick in me helped push his shit. it, as there's no tomorrow, he felt much better than any of the other two girls I took the night. that was loose, but his tight muscles in her pussy grinding. I kissed her and pressed his tubetrooper lips against my thrust into me. dani pumps a little harder. Suddenly, a hot cum shot made ​​my night Gemma I love her warm love juices soaked through it. slowly back to the breath and said, 'I love you error I'm glad you started this rolling.. jewel dani went away from me after the cock strap. sat beside us kissing jewel and said: tubetrooper I hope you enjoy toniGHT. His two welcome here if you wish. that we went and cleaned the way home. , so he opened the door. Jewel was very tired. was rotten. good work they have cried bloody jewel for. lay beside him and we got into a dream what a night of blinking. can not wait to do it again !
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